7 For All Mankind

february 018

7 For All Mankind—a division of LA based Delta Galil Industries and the world’s premiere brand of denim innovation—announces the launch of it’s Spring 2018 collection and campaign, WE ARE MANKIND. Shot on the streets of New York by renowned photographer Billy Kidd, the campaign cultivates a creative and all-encompassing platform that shines the spotlight on a myriad of artists, poets, musicians, designers, and creatives.


7 For All Mankind’s range of products are the perfect canvas for self expression and they are enlisting 10 dynamic global icons to represent the collection, creating a beautiful tapestry of mankind. On one end of the spectrum, icon Cleo Wade has a strong, empowered female voice and manifests inspiration and positivity through her poetry, while on the other, icon Luka Sabbat continually pushes the boundaries of fashion by branching out into his own creative entrepreneurialship with Hot Mess. 

Our range of denim creates a blank canvas for our fans to express themselves. We want to inspire them to be their own unique, beautiful, and artistic selves,” said Jenna Habayeb, Chief Marketing Officer of 7 For All Mankind. “Our Spring 2018 campaign is a celebration of mankind and everything that comes with it – flaws and triumphs, strengths and struggles. This is a big step forward for us and stands as our commitment to self-expression.