a play on the anatomy of tailoring

may 018

Composed of actual blazers and trousers, the AW/18 shoe collection truly embodies tailoring materials and forms. Blazer patterns are highly recognisable in the sleeves boots where the original shoulder now hides the knee.


Trousers patterns can be found in motor and army trousers high boots and lined dinner trousers boots. Other ‘sleeve’ boots are made from Japanese Sukajan jackets, with unique embroidered patches.

The collection’s sneaker further explores the theme of dissection - consciously cut up and re-ensembled. And per A.F.Vandevorst tradition, the marriage of opposites returns in multiple pairings, such as the delicately woven jacquard boot with its masculine shape and the fragile semi-naked heel with its solid frame.


Campaign Images: Ronald Stoops