april 019

Knowledge, freedom and happiness - moving away from the darkness of the Middle Ages to look towards a bright future based on progress. These were the core ideas of the Age of Enlightenment which AIGNER reinterprets through a fascinating mix of clean and cool shapes, with contrasting rich details, decorations and layered textures.


One of the main signature elements in the collection is the pansy pattern which breaks away from rational clean lines infusing romanticism in its many interpretations such as the embroidered tulle overalls, long feminine dresses and big-volume pants. Elaborate pearl embroidery embellishes overalls while the discreet elegance of the logo shows in its printed, devorè and degradè versions.

Outerwear garments range from aviator shearling jackets, puffer coats and jackets where cashmere meets nappa leather. From enveloping woollen capes to plush Grandad jackets and tartans, patterns linger on in check silk crepe de chine dresses in ‘Dark Mauve’ and ‘Deep Blue’ shades.

Designs and layers are at play in the silhouettes of big-volume pants, kimonos and long silk and bison-brown leather dresses with edgy shiny-matte detailing. A luxurious touch is added to the outfits through the presence of contrasting details: metallic drawstrings gather volumes together while shimmery metals and golden lurex yarns are juxtaposed to colourful mirror effects and iridescent touches.

Alongside the horse’s head, a new element establishes itself as a real distinguishing feature in the collection: the screw stud, a heritage from the brand‘s longstanding racing history.

The core colours of the collection, such as ‘Night Grey’, ‘Dark Mauve’, ‘Shadow Grey’ and ‘Light Mauve’, are deliberately subtle and muted so as to radiate refinement and class, while shades like ‘Bison Brown’, ‘Deep Blue’ and ‘Green’ follow in the “New- Heritage” trend contributing to making prints, details and effects stand out..