*Capote´s swan

october 018

For Fall 2018, the Anna October lady is at ease with herself. Her natural manners, along with the grace of her body and mind lustre her clothes. She wears them proudly. Whatever landscape shefinds herself in, it’s her inner landscape that matters. She looks rich as a Capote’s swan, confident asan American feminist artist, feminine as a Parisian demimonde, at the days when women spent hours in the dressing room.


Wearing the same ensemble, she spends her morning in the countryside, day at the office, and in the evening, she makes her impressive entrance to the most immoderately luxurious of the parties. While being look at, she listens to herself.

Natural fabrics,
bias cuts,
flowing silhouettes

and handmade details highlight the collection. AnnaOctober reinterprets each of the brand’s signature pieces in silk, cotton and wool. Whimsical midi- dresses, tailoring with a playful twist, loose high waisted pants and blouses, shoulder-revealing or inspired by the classics of menswear, make a wardrobe for life, where perfect simplicity and deep luxury are never a contradiction. Artificial flowers, hand-made as a touching curtsy to the values of slow fashion, act as a charming accessory to the offering.

Ultimately comfortable, elaborate and perfectly simplistic at the same time, the collection praises the woman of thousand faces, staying true to the elegance she was born with.