Boris Bidjan Saberi
*Cultish Cuts and Consistency

june 018



It was the first word that came to mind when I thought of the Boris Bidjan Saberi collection. On the docks of the Cité de la Mode et du Design a caravan of stone-faced models in distressed leather stomped by. Tape tailing behind them like fury. The walls shook as slouchy silhouettes in grey, brown and black bounced with the hardness of the beat. Much like the drum Saberi marches to.



Cultish cuts and the un-fragile fragility of the fabrics made the anti-fashion fashion mainstay someone who didn’t disappoint. You won’t find any cutes-y flower motifs here. One thing Saberi is good for, among many others is consistency. Probably the reason why the crowd paid homage to Saberi by wearing it, head to foot and why when the show ceased, sans finale walk (because who even does a finale walk anymore, right?) the crowd howled. 

The line-up stood ghoulishly along the periphery of the runway as guests took pause, turned around and realized it was Saberi’s way of letting us see the clothes one last time.

So like sheep we huddled, pushed, and shoved, getting our shots, selfies and IG stories in amongst a line-up of Saberi soldiers in muted hues.