Cmmn Swdn vs. Fast Fashion
*s+s019 @Paris Fashion Week

june 018


It’s a jumble out there,” read the program. As I stood in front of a literal bail of discarded clothing, a “Cmmn Swdn” placard placed in the center as if to hold it all. If only bold statements in leather, tulle, and mesh could solve the crisis of overproduction. Try to imagine a world sans resort, pre-fall and fast fashion. In a word, “impossible”. While the Scandinavian house by way of London, is surely not in the business of environmental activism, their take on the subject matter was impressive, if not coolly creative. 


There were sheer tops fused with unlikely textures like wool and denim, deconstructed shoes recycled from their AW18 collection in collaboration with shoe artisan, Helen Kirkum, a few practical pieces too, like plaid leather mac coats, and pinstripe suiting, worn with the ever-popular dad sneaker. A personal favorite was the button-ups with sleeves used practically as decoration. A clever take on art vs. commerce. I mean some men, doactually still do that 9 to 5 thing. Emphasis on some.

Not to fret, if you like lounging round' the streets of trendy nightclubs your parents never knew they wanted to get into, there are pieces for you, if you’re a slave to the office but have the freedom to spice up that work wardrobe, there are many pieces for you, and if you’re just a ridiculously good-looking model type, there’s are (many) pieces for you.

Young. Political. Cohesive. Cool. It’s all for you.