Converse x JW Anderson
*Chuck 70 / Felt Collection

october 018

At some point in our youth, we stop playing with toys. But the obsession we have with “things” grows stronger as we get older. We dress as a means of self- expression.


We buy objects – however mundane they might be – because they deliver happiness into our lives. Some collect sneakers. Some collect Pez. And some, like Jonathan Anderson, collect art. Also in the second column of Converse x JW Anderson the designer underlines his obsession with art and craft.

The Converse x JW Anderson Chuck 70 *Felt is the exuberant result of Jonathan Anderson´s life-long obsession. 

Anderson has said, the creative process is a giant patchwork of information and imagery “in search of the new, weird, and wonderful.” As the designer continues his collaboration with Converse, he applies this process to, and his passion for art and craft, to the mainstay in fashion and style, the iconic Chuck.

A brilliant combination of colors inform the design of the Chuck 70 *Felt. Premium felt transforms the Chuck 70 into a colorful, bespoke Capsule Collection for fall + winter 018.

But maybe, after all, the Chuck is art?!