* Archive Edition

september 019

London-based fashion brand COS, announces “Archive Editions”, inspired by Bauhaus, a capsule collection celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus and the first in the Archive Editions series celebrating quintessential COS garments and their inspirations.


>>celebrating Bauhaus 100<<

Archive Editions inspired by BAUHAUS / Courtesy of COS

The Staatliches Bauhaus commonly known as the Bauhaus, was a German school operational and founded upon the idea of creating a Gesamtkunstwerk (‘total work of art’) back in 1919 in which all the arts, including architecture, would eventually be brought together and combine crafts and the fine arts. The school led a revolutionary movement and formed a generation of revered artists in the early twentieth century, many of which have been a constant inspiration to the brand since it was first established 12 years ago. 

To celebrate the centennial anniversary, COS have delved into the archives spanning 12 years to curate a 13-piece capsule collection comprising of 6 womenswear and 6 menswear pieces, plus 1 accessory, which were originally inspired by the Bauhaus school and affiliated artists. 

Each garment has been hand-picked from the archives and explored further, modernising the fits for the current day. For womenswear, COS sees minimal design highlighting true tailoring with folding, draping and darting techniques to create form and body, seam detailing, and reinvented cuts. Combining tradition and modernism, the menswear collection alludes to ergonomic design with adjustable functions, raw edge techniques and hidden fastenings.