*belle de jour

january 019

For the s+s 019 season, the upbeat and jovial Kiev-Paris based fashion label Drag+Drop comes in strong with pop sensations and viscous silhouettes. Drag+Drop proposes a collection where the design team found its inspirations in the dramatic sexiness of French movies heroins such as Isabella Adjani’s in “L’été meurtrier”, the scandalous Catherine Deneuve playing out the most erotic fantasies in “Belle de Jour” or the limitless sexiness of Jane Fonda as a space pop Venus.


From there, Drag+Drop is taking its ongoing exploration of unconventional beauty and aesthetics to the next level by smartly fusing this input with the meticulous study of the exemplary style of 2000s social starlets and LA vibe.
The Drag+Drop heroine is a complex creature, she is «the boys» best crazy friend, a fatal seducer and a skilled lover.

The style of 2000s MTV celebrities and IT-girls inspired slouchy micro top sand sleek Matrix coats in shiny vinyl to tight t-shirts emblazoned with a bold Drag+Drop logo in sparkling Rhine stones. Shiny hardware is all the rage too as seen on silk slip dresses with metal harnesses and on tank tops with silver hooks. Adding a bit of transgression captured in the s+s019 lookbook by the photographer Boris Camaca. Or at least look good when attempting to do so.