* seen by Daniele Neu

july 019

The new DROMe advertisement campaign stars Querelle Jensen in images seen by photographer and director Daniele Neu. Neu teamed up with creative director Marianna Rosati, art director Jamie Reid and stylist Emma Wyman to capture the fall/winter 019/020 collection in New York City.


“The campaign
was shot using
film to emphasise
the texture of the
images, …”

Aesthetically, the photographs remind us of the previous campaign images that maintain the same unfiltered approach but with a different feel and scenery. This time a woman is at the centre of an empty scene, where light and shadow interact with her in an intimate atmosphere, marking the plasticity of her movements. A minimal and esential scenery, where colours emerge brightly from some photographs, while black + white redraw shapes and volumes in others. Its simply a document of moment and simplicity.

Well-known model and queen of beauty and femininity, Querele Jensen is the face of the campaign and represents a confident woman with strong features that perfectly embodies the world of DROMe.