GUCCI pre-fall 2019

april 019

In the idyllic Selinute Archeological Park in Sicily, Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ sounds, and time stops. Back in Ancient Greek times, people would gather after banquets to chat and dance by the temples.


Portrayed through 
Glen Luchford’s

Between enigmatic and delirious vibrations Creative Director Alessandro Michele‘s neo-classical crew connects through love, culture and philosophy in a countercultural bubble that comes from Venice Beach. A few thousand centuries forward, Gucci now reignites that spirit for their pre-fall 019 campaign and gives the after banquet gatherings a modern twist. Alessandro Michele brings an eclectic crew of bodybuilders, punks, rollerbladers, and surfers to the ruins in order to chat about philosophy and poetry, dance together or play music. This surreal setting gives a contemporary look at the antiquity afterparty.