Lacoste Outerwear
* Winter Icons

september 019

Lacoste has always valued creativity and excellence in all its forms, and this season [fall/winter 019] Lacoste´s new collaboration shines a light on five legendary outerwear labels [Pyrenex, Gloverall, K-Way®, Alpha Industries + Tailor Toyo].



Pyrenex, Gloverall, K-Way®, Alpha Industries & Tailor Toyo

Called upon for their own particular characteristics that combine excellence, history, and modernity, they were offered an opportunity to interpret the Lacoste wardrobe and revisit iconic pieces.

Pyrenex’s Made-in-France quality, Gloverall’s old British classicism, mythical French brand K-Way®, Alpha Industries’ Mid-South military influences, and Tailor Toyo’s Japanese sophistication—these five brands have taken up the challenge to each reinvent one of their top-selling products alongside Lacoste’s creative team.

Keeping close to their heritage, and spawned from the very heart of their respective ateliers, each label’s unique touch has instilled genuine expertise into unisex designs, while Lacoste’s DNA brought to the table a retro-classic sportswear aura.

Have more impressions by watching the brands presentation video below.

The goods from these collaborations between Lacoste and Pyrenex, Gloverall, K-Way®, Alpha Industries, and Tailor Toyo will be available as early as October 2nd 2019 in Lacoste’s e-shop and in physical stores.