*college x aries

july 018


An institution of higher learning, the place to go to earna bachelor’s degree. And College is also the name of thefootwear brand which has the coolest take on that all-time collegiate classic: the penny loafer. Just recently, iconic loafers brand College (founded in the 50s) and the London-based avantgarde streetwear-imbued brand Aries have teamed up for an exclusive collaboration.


Penny loafers are a global phenomenon, owing their origins to American Indian moccasins, and further linked to the comfortable leather shoes worn by Norwegian fisherman in the early twentieth century. These were adapted by Americanshoemakers in the mid 1930’s, and loafers quickly became the fashion footwear standard on college campuses across the nation. It wasn’t only students who wore penny loafers. Everyone did –from Grace Kelly to James Dean, Paul Newman or J.F.K., preppies and nerds alike, the girl next door, the boy down the road, in the country or the city. Their appeal remained steadyand broad through the 1960’s, and has periodically resurgedever since.

The latest revival was in the 80’s, when youth subcultures theworld over adopted the hitherto establishment preppy look, injecting it with a touch of wit and irony in the process. College was very much on the scene when the Italian Paninaro movement took hold, and fashion obsessed youth gave the Americana look a special Italian twist. Today, College brand loafers take the look to a new style pitch. Bold. Sophisticated. Playful. Smart.

And most definitely NOW. For s+s018, take your pick between pitch black, radiant white or bright red leather College loafers, made in Italy and impeccably detailed with zig zag edging at the top of the vamp, along the heel seams, and at the sides of the pennyloafer’s signature feature: the strip of leather across the instep,with its cut-out slit to hold a coin. 

Or make your mark in Antick Cross College loafers, a big graphic X in a contrasting color splashed across the front, be it white on black or red, or red or black on white. The two-tone story continues with Antick Stripe, where white loafers have been boldly road-striped in black or red, while fans of theunderstated will fall for Antick Stripe Black/Black’s almosthidden fashion accent.