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Back in the 90s, digital designers and brothers Markus + Daniel Freitag were looking for a functional, water-resistent and robust backpack to hold their graphic works. By seeing the heavy multicolored trucks that rumbled infront of their apartment, they got inspired and created a bag from used truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes, and car seat belts.

R516  Freitag >> Travel Bags >> HILTEN

Freitag >> Travel Bags >> HILTEN


The Freitag
backpacks were
born, taking their
shape in the living
room of their
apartment in Zurich.

Each one recycled their unique Freitag bag. The idea grew and became a great success. Nowadays, the products of Freitag are available in twelve F-Stores as well as at hundreds of resellers around the globe. Also, customers can order one of the over 5000 unique products from the online store presenting an extensive selection of colors, models, and texture. Markus + Daniel still conceive and oversee each new model through the series production by being the Creative Directors of Freitag.