*Google Pixel x lala Berlin
live case artwork series

october 019

Google Pixel teamed up with the Berlin-based fashion label lala Berlin for a two-piece product collaboration for this year’s Pixel 3 Live Case artwork series. With this project, Google Pixel once again celebrates the #teampixel community, which brings together creatives, visionaries, and changemakers and proves innovation with original works by today’s leading artists and designers.


Originally introduced with the first Pixel generation, Google Live Case is a phone case with an accompanying live wallpaper and depending on your preference, either can be aesthetically pleasing or purely functional. Each case can be customized using favorite photos, artworks or similar. Previous collaboration partners for the Live Case Artwork Series were music producer Skrillex, artist Jeff Koons, fashion designer Jeremy Scott, Berlin-based creative studio Haw-lin Services among others.

The pieces of the Google Pixel x Lala Berlin collaboration featuring a Google Pixel Live Case for the new Google Pixel 3 & Google Pixel 3 XL as well as a custom-designed lala Berlin scarf.

The high-quality silk scarves can be used as an accessory in various ways – tied, knotted, simply thrown over the shoulder, or as a hair accessory – and are suitable for both women and men. While the silk scarf is available in the colors coral, mint and black, the Google Live Cases also come in three colorways matching the Google Pixel 3 & Google Pixel 3 XL colors Not Pink, Clearly White and Just Black. Both items featuring the #teampixel and Lala Berlin’s popular graphic Kufiya pattern, inspired by Leyla Piedayesh‘s life story. Lala Berlin reclaims the print from its Arabian roots and transforms it as its signature print into a graphic and bold fashion statement. Season after season it is twisted in a new discovery - a journey from Tehran to Berlin, to Los Angeles and back again.

The items are limited editions and will be sold as a special bundle or individually in the Berlin-based lala Berlin Store and

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