*strangelove nyc

june 019
written Hannah Rose Prendergast

The New York-based fragrance brand strangelove nyc prides itself on their unique blend of natural ingredients with the ability to provoke the senses, awaken emotions, and linger there with profound effect.

2013 BY

strangelove nyc is passionate about creating highly concentrated, complex fragrances using rare ingredients chosen for their historical properties and sustainably sourced from around the world.

The collection is comprised of four distinct scents—deadofnight, meltmyheart, silencethesea, and lostinflowers—in both an eau de parfum and pure perfume oil format. Each bottle is crafted from the finest French glass and topped with a custom 24 karat gold-plated cap inspired by the ‘golden ratio.’

The brand’s first and most seductive scent, deadofnight, is made from the precious aromatic wood resin, oud. To balance out its aphrodisiac effects are Damask Rose, natural violet leaves, vanilla balsam, sandalwood, amber, and musk. This one is made for the risk takers and the unabashedly indulgent.


meltmyheart is an opulent oriental that owes its warmth to pure orris butter. Oud, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, a hint of absinthe, and French sage boost spirits while purified ginger, mandarin, and dark chocolate complete the adoring scent. This one is made for the hopeful romantics and those bonded for eternity.

silencethesea uses pure ambergris to conjure marine life mysteries and gets its leathery edge from black oud and blue chamomile as well as gentle notes of natural narcissus, tuberose absolute, and mimosa place. Freshened with white truffle and purified angelica, this one is for those who love to make waves.

production le mile studios