*The MEISSEN Collage

september 019

Just recently, MEISSEN launched its new and innovative dinner service collection [titled: The Meissen Collage] with unique decors in a modern aesthetic language. The eclectic collection picks up on icons decors and reinterprets them in the content of colourful graphic elements and shapes. With this new and innovative approach with its own design history of over three hundred years, Meissen allows its craftsmen a faster development and implementation of new decorative motifs.

It all began with alchemist Johann Friedrich Böttger who bragged about knowing how to make gold. Now, Böttger did not know how to make gold, but he was the first to discover how to make red hard-paste stoneware which could be engraved, polished and cut into facets. Later, he arrived at the recipe for white porcelain, the true white gold: Meissen porcelain.

>>Meissen figurines are recognized as works of art not just because they are shown in art institutions or sold in auction houses, but because of their process of creation. Through an appreciation for its history and elegant construction, Meissen embodies the art of porcelain.<<

With the multifaceted and contrasty series "The MEISSEN Collage", the brand expands the extensive repertoire of dinner services and promotes the creative handling.

Mythical creatures and bizarre animal drawings of ancient Asian porcelains, old Indian flowers, the world-famous onion pattern as well as the great art of Meissen chinoiserie are supplemented, superimposed and alienated with graphic elements such as stylized feathers and hearts. The result is a modern pattern mix with new use of color and striking contrasts.

The MEISSEN Collage shows the new design language of the brand, which gives the manufactory's own maxim of modern opulence an absolute new expression. It is a tribute to its manufactory history and the artisan sophistication of the oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe.

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