*viu eyewear

april 2018

Christina Hasenauer teamed up with Veronique Helmschrott and captured Julia Tarnas with the newest Eyewear pieces from the WIRE collection. 


The Spirited, The Vivid, The Vibrant, The Bright: The models of the WIRE collection offer soft round curves as well some slightly angular shapes. The different sizes and metallic colours of the light frames shape the face, and yet leave air to breathe. Made of refined and extralight stainless steel, the frames are durable, featherlight and quite flexible.

After acetate-, titanium- and 3D printed frames, adding stainless steel presents the natural development of the VIU collection. The latest VIU line is refined and bears resemblance to the fine jewelry. The series seen by Christina Hasenauer reflects following attributes: the intersection of nature and the refined design convey core themes of lightness and freedom.

Stylist Veronique Helmschrott has used corresponding looks by designers e.g. Stine Goya, Vladimir Karaleev, Sandro Paris, Marina Hörmanseder, Tara Jarmon, or Prada to harmonize with the frames of the Wire collection, which is available in the colours Palladium, Bronze, Satin Gold, Gold Shiny. 


photography  Christina Hasenauer
styling  Veronique Helmschrott
styling Assistenz  Radvile Kunisauskaite
hair + make up Tuna Hourani @Peppermintcircus
model  Julia Tarnas @TFMBerlin
location  MU Berlin

LE MILE Studios