*Takes Paris

june 018


It was part of China Day when I saw it in New York. A series of collections meant to introduce trendy sportswear brands from the East to the North American market. And considering the influx of Chinese capital particularly in the luxury market it was no wonder even then that the space was packed. So naturally, with the success in New York this season Li-Ning came to Paris.



Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts I couldn’t make this show. (Puts foot in mouth). But from the looks of it, the namesake of legendary Chinese Olympic gymnast cast quite the spell on the City of Light. Somewhere between the intersection of future and heritage lay a collection infused with a deep sense of Chinese pride and off-kilter apparel.

Using a color palette of olive, orchid, nuclear green, and national colors, cardinal red and bright yellow, Dolman-sleeved track tops and patchwork-drop shoulder jackets, Li-Ning brought streetwear to modernity.