Maison Mihara Yasuhiro
*Seducing the Eye at Maison Mihara Yasuhiro

june 018


Mihara Yasuhiro began as a shoe designer. An ambitious design student with big ideas. Twenty years later, in a cobblestone garage at 22 rue de Lübeck in Paris he’s still thinking big. Celebrating two decades of cerebral foreplay, the designer curled some pages from his own book. “Proto-Type II” it was dubbed, is a re-constructing of an inquisitive spirit, the program stated. A spirit which has undoubtedly earned him veteran status in an industry of high turnover.



How can you turn an otherwise everyday cardigan into a fashion statement? Design it backwards. Sweats not acceptable? Attach an additional pant to it. Want to conquer the denim on denim look? Wear as much denim as you can possibly strap to your back. For the laymen, these concepts can be quite provocative. Why worry about thinking outside the box, when you can re-design it, Yasuhiro says. 

While many of the pieces are not what most would deem “wearable” the very notion of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is enough to satisfy my palette. The “is fashion art?” debate has been going on forever. And sure, Mihara Yasuhiro certainly won’t be hanging in the Louvre, but when fashion can make you think, when it can leave you scratching your head in bewilderment at how the fuck a garment can be worn, let alone sewn to seduce the eye of the beholder, the question answers itself. Or more simply put, a model sported a blouson with words on the back, it read

“This is Tomorrow”.