moved by passion

may 018

Marvais is founded by the two best friends Marie Libeert and Valérie Vanermen, who left their jobs to devote themselves to their passion. After, respectively, a career as brand manager and interior designer, Marie and Valerie decided it was time for them to start their own project. Launching their very own handbag label MARVAIS, resulting from a lack of timeless models with a surprising nod.  


Elegant and discreet with a surprising yet subtle touch. This is how one could describe the Marvais style. At Marvais, everything originates from the fabric and then evolves into a timeless cut with an original touch. With this first collection, the designer duo wishes to offer timeless bags made of high quality leather that embellishes with age. The starting point for this first collection is unworked, natural leather, tanned and coloured to suit each individual design.

After one year and half of research, Marie and Valerie arrived at a renowned tannery working for famous houses like Louis Vuitton and Delvaux. The collection was built around a top-quality vegetable tanned calfskin leather, which gets an original patina over time. Smooth, high-quality calfskin leather is subjected to a 100% vegetable process without chromium. The leather is then dyed in a colour developed by Marvais. This process takes six weeks, until the leather is finished and ready to be assembled into a bag. Each piece is then manufactured by hand in a renowned atelier in Tunisia. The bag interiors comprise a suede finish in contrasting colour.

Marie and Valerie conceive their creations hand-in-hand, without following current trends. They need little words to understand each other. Their designs start from a visceral feeling. Each design grows organically, and each bag is a decision made by mutual agreement. The collection and the brand strives for timeless models with a surprising yet modest touch. No unnecessary fringes, opaque details or prominent logo but a sophisticated collection that can fit with any wardrobe.