MaxMara Spring / Summer 2020
* The New 007

september 019

Max Mara imagines the wardrobe for a spy film [not yet existing] Modesty Blaise is the new 007. 

Fiction needs more female spies…

 Natasha Walter, Writer


>>Max Mara, Spring/Summer 2020<<

“…women are trained to keep secrets”

The collection is a celebration of new woman power and inspired by spy thrillers.

It is a tribute to the James Bonds out there, whose elegance is admired but his modus operandi is questioned: Bumpy car chases, shootouts and cataclysmic explosions? All dangerous, dirty and unnecessary, MaxMara seems to scream out: In Max Mara´s spring / summer 2020 collection thriller women in spy-style trenchcoats and sharp shouldered three-piece trouser suits manoeuvres their adversary into surrender with a strategic hint and a well laid trap.

She travels to the airport with her generously proportioned bush jacket and her perfectly designed Whitney bag, arrives at her palm fringed island and favours tropical military uniform-shorts that graze her knee. Her multi-pocketed shirts are perfect for keeping her cool when chasing through the jungle. In the evening she drinks cocktails at the Governors mansion and wears long pale paisley print bias cut skirts and fluid pastel gowns with tough looking braces.

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