*Lovina: depicted

november 018

“Lovina: depicted” is a collaboration between fashion designer Merilin Kolk and photographer Cecilia Riis that explores the ambivalence in Kolk’s BA Graduation Collection. Her BA Graduation Collection challenges the sexualization of the female body by covering it. The collection attempts to explore the identity of covered women in our time.

It questions whether covering up the female body can enhance feminine sexuality. Can it feel liberating, and impart dignity and sensuality to women? The graduation project also investigates whether covering, too, can become a form of objectification of the body.


Merilin’s designs are born from ideas, emotions and observations of the human being in that particular space in time. She works with such concepts as relationships, belonging, identity and sense of reality. Her work explores + pays tribute to the vulnerable within us, and she tries to depict this in wearable form.

Merilin Kolk was born and raised in Estonia, and moved to Norway at the age of 19. Merilin graduated from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo with a BA in clothing design in June 2018. In Oslo she completed a master’s degree in social economics, before pursuing her passion for fashion design.


fashion Merilin Kolk
seen Cecilia Riis
make up Katarina Fedøy
art director Elvira Panic
model Liv Melin