*s+s 2020

june 019

The fascination started in trying to find why someone would ever feel so attached to an item of clothing. What makes them obsess over it? Why would they make sacrifices for something they couldn’t have instantly? Perhaps they find it rewarding to work hard for that piece? 


The collection was never intended to be something that didn’t resonate. There has been an extreme pressure to create ‘newness’ in uncertain times, however the act of being able to anecdote and to be able to tell the next chapter of the story has never been lost. 

Constant searching led to amicable feelings towards a certain colour that resonated, or a memory and an experience. The colours feel quite primary but this time there wasn’t too much ‘compromise’. Stains of orange, dirty purple, military khaki and acidic mustard yellow came in pairs. Each look had to follow one another in synchronicity. The silhouette is soft, modest perhaps, with elements of creative pattern cutting, slashing a shirt’s form, imitating an apple pastry. Solemn tailoring is stripped away and is concluded in vibrant offcuts from the entire collection to create a bold suit, broken into geometrical panels.

Sometimes I feel I should completely stop but then there is still so much that needs to be said. When you are a creative the biggest judge is yourself. I always think, if it isn’t good enough for me, then it won’t be good enough for anybody else. When reflecting on this again in the future, it will be looked at from a different perspective, a part of the story which helped to build the ongoing narrative.