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january 019

PASKAL is renowned for delicate silhouettes, minimalistic shapes and precision that is reminiscent of innovative architecture and modern cultural processes. Beauty is derivedfrom the garments’ core components and construction. The main element of the brand’sDNA is the lassercut technique with the result being a sensitive design with strong personality.


2013 marks the year Julie Paskal launched her brand: PASKAL. With a background in Architecture and Engineering the designers collections are fluent in shapes, lines and structures. She is one of the first Ukrainian designers to export her collections to all major markets. In 2014 PASKAL was a participant of Guest Nation at Pitti W in Florence, Italy. That same year Julie was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize.

PASKAL Spring-Summer 2019 collection is a playful experiment. Designer explores different folding puzzles and conundrums. To implement this idea, Paskal uses signature laser-cutting technique to develop three-dimensional floral appliques of different shapes.