SANKUANZ Mens Spring 019
*for Protection

june 018


It was hard and plastic. Cut-outs of crosses, eagles and axes decorated the Sankuanz show invitation. At the time I didn’t know they were Shangguan Zhe’s interpretations on border patrol.  I didn’t know what to expect. Then the lights dimmed. There was no time to settle in.

 Sankuanz Men's Spring 2019

I was hit hard by chain mail tops, silver jewels that hung from hoods, and pick axes used as accessories. Social uniforms and protection. White Chelsea boots paired with pale violet denim. Made in Japan. A slick PVC raincoat that had me wishing for rain, and a leather cowboy zip-front shirt evocative of the Mariachi costume had me thinking about joining the rodeo.

(I wish I was kidding).

I mean this is the same brand who created a sandal for your sneakers. Just you know, umm… slide and strap em’ in. A collaboration with Puma. This season in a full line of colorways. And since we’re on the subject, whatever your hue, chic is the look. Tonight, I encourage you to wear your armor.

Sankuanz for protection.