*The Gateway To Fashion

october 018

During the last days of Paris fashion week, Dutch design duo SCHUELLER DE WAAL present their vision on fashion in an autonomous presentation at Palais de Tokyo, Toguna. Right when the marathon of fashion weeks frenzy is coming to an end, SDW offers fashion victims or victims of fashion the opportunity of some well deserved Fashion Therapy. Model Iekeliene Stange acts as the fashion therapist, guiding the audience through ‘The Gateway To Fashion’.


For Spring/Summer 2019 SCHUELLER DE WAAL offer FASHION as HYPNOSIS THERAPY. Rather than offering a new collection the designers want to make a statement about the fast pace of fashion and their incapabilities of keeping up. Driven by the idea of giving former designs a new context and using that as research for the development of new design ideas SDW STUDIO presents a fashion film installation, ‘The Gateway To Fashion’.

The presentation of this autonomous statement serves as a suggestive form of ‘FASHION THERAPY’.

With the thought of slowing down their audience and creating time to reflect in a period of constant rush, SDW make the link to HYPNOSIS THERAPY. The protagonist of the film, a hypnosis therapist with mesmerising eyeballs, takes the viewer through steps of induction going deeper into a spiralling trance world of eclectic future fashion suggestions with every step. The fashion suggestions show a fictive persona representing the viewers repressed inner fashion spirit on an intuitive journey towards unleashed creativity. Just like hypnosis therapists SDW STUDIO aims to plant inspirational alterations and alternative perspectives on fashion in the viewers brain to catalyse change.

In the film the characters are dressed in a mix of SCHUELLER DE WAAL'S collections, communicating that the duo believes in a value of design which remains over time. ‘The Gateway To Fashion’ shows an overview of their work reshuffled into a different aesthetic. The lookbook depicts both worlds of the film. To create new looks from past collections the duo has strictly split apart the two main directions of their collections, classic minimalism vs. quirky, surreal maximalism. The skin of the model reflects actual scenes from the film and becomes a symbol of the connection between real and fiction, the link between both worlds; the gateway.