Think Outside The Box  

june 2018

The New Originals presents ‘Think Outside The Box’, a one-minute manifest film about creativity and diversity, directed by Rutger van Leeuwen . The 60-second movie is produced by production company Bruut Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam is renowned for being one of the creative capitals where boundaries blur and diversity is celebrated. This is the city where The New Originals was born, a brand initiated for creatives with similar mindsets.

The New Originals creates performance clothing for creatives. The nine dots in The New Originals logo symbolize ‘The Box’, and refer to a puzzle where the is solution is outside the box. Think Outside The Box aims to inspire (young) creatives to think greater. 

Through visual storytelling, young and upcoming director Rutger van Leeuwen portrays his take on the subject. Within 60 seconds, Rutger takes you on a visual exciting journey that presents think outside the box and the consequences once the daily routine and ordinary thought processes are broken.

The clip contains three essential parts, starting with a black box drifting through the air. As Rutger explains: “The box is a metaphor for our common thinking. It shows our standard thoughts, which are often afraid to go beyond the ordinary.” The video, shot on all different kind of video formats, quickly builds up to the climax, emphasizing the positive effects of deviant thinking. “The personages reach euphoric moments once they think outside the box. It is all about the sense of joy and happiness, which is released once you break through standard routines,” says Rutger. 


Bruut Amsterdam is a full-service production agency focused on engaging online video and film. Bruut Amsterdam’s clients are brands targeting a connected audience: millennials who don’t watch traditional television and who don’t like old school ads. 

director_ Rutger van Leeuwen
executive producer_ Merel Blom, Deniz Alkac
DOP._ Woutair Koomen
VHS, video8, fotografie_ Sophie Hemels
VHS, video8, fotografie producer_ Stijn Meijer
1st AC_ Jurrien Kemp
2nd AC_ Rohwel de Rot
gaffer_ Leon Valero
art director_ Jesse van der Kolk
production design_ Ciro Duclos
styling_ Suze Kuit
PA_ Kogob Selase
editor_ Rutger van Leeuwen
animatie_ Rick Kcir
composer_ Vincent Paolo Corputty
sound design_ Danny van der Lugt
mixer_ Nicky Gallardo
grading_ Erik van den Heuvel @ De Grot
concept_Rutger van Leeuwen
production company_ Bruut Amsterdam
produced by Merel Blom
cast_ Sonny Kuit, Hans Badu, Jacquill Basdew, Kiara Velthuis,
Gilles Wijntuin, Bodil Ouedraogo, Stijn Meijer, Tommie Jansen, Hanna van den Berg,
Siep Meijer, Tirino Yspol, Shahine El-Humus, Calis Nyarko, Sammie Straub

special thanks_ Max Maloney, Westerpark Studios, de Grot, Itai Verhoeckx