november 018

seen Matthias Neumann + Olga Khristolyubova

TRAUMABARUNDKINO is thrilled to present it’s first in house production, the cross-pollinated fashion performance NOW YOU MAY TELL THAT I’VE BEEN SEEN BY YOU. We showcase fashion and contemporary dance in an event elaborated as part of a series that aims towards the experimental staging of a vision that challenges the norm of what can be perceived as a fashion presentation.


Thus, we bring together the collections of emerging designers and present them in a non conventional display that conveys the concept of fashion with a reformulated approach. Working closely with choreographers, dancers, sound and light designers, offers us the challenge of engaging the public more directly, where content is being delivered with a strong emphasis on physicality and free form expression that results in a versatile performance.

The myth of Diana and Actaeon outlines this show – a venture into the conflicts inhabiting human nature at it’s most fundamental level. The piece exposes primal human behavior with the implicit price of being consumed by its intensity, one gradually becoming a victim of one’s own drive. We explore the dimensions of voice as the only non-organic form of expression in the human body. We channel its raw power outwards. Exer- cising unprocessed, unfocused anger as creative liberation is an authentic form of shaping one’s presence. The acceptance of raw aggression and its tones with a non-judgemental attitude enables us to embrace its potential. As the inner struggle takes over the body, words become ranting, demeanour becomes rage – a fully rounded human being shines through in all its complexity.


The project TRAUMABARUNDKINO arose as an answer to the need of having a fresh in- clusive space which allows a better, more authentic dialogue between mediums like contemporary dance, fashion, cinematography, video art and club culture.

We aim to generate a heterogeneous and imersive environment which offers a very particular experience, as we encourage the artists to make use of all the options Trauma Bar und Kino provides simul- taniously, from the cinema to the video boxes to the dancefloor and the sound equipment. We believe that giving the artist the full freedom to unfold their personal ‘universes’ is the fundament of having the place changing all the time, taking our public by surprise. In a few words Trauma Bar und Kino is a meeting point for arts and club culture, breaking down barriers and culti- vating relationships.