New Collection *Glamour* shot by David Gomez-Maestre

february 2018

Korean designer Sunyuul Yie is know for her statement pearl-embelished velvet footwear. ‘Glamour’ is a word often co-opted, and often overused. For pre-fall 018 however, designer Sunyuul Yie has returned the term to its classic meaning, embedding a series of shapes, colors and patterns with old school sentimentality. 


Founded in 2013 by Korean designer Sunyuul Yie, Yuul Yie represents a new wave of cult luxury leather goods. Specialising in footwear, the brand's collection is made with leather sourced from Italy’s finest tanneries. From reimagined Mary Jane loafers to colour block mules, everyday shoes are punctuated with statement design, trapezoidal shapes and a focus on comfortable wearability.

 That’s not to say YUUL YIE’s modern signature has been ignored, though. The designer’s architectural stamp is ever present with silver balls installed within trapezoidal pieces, giving a clear nod to traditional pilgrim shoes with oval-shaped decorations and a water-waved zip.

See, glamour needn’t read excessive. To the contrary, YUUL YIE has returned its word to its quieter origins, letting subtlety speak far louder than statement with a sharp blend of old and new.