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1 Year - 2 Issues. This subscription only included: Issue No. 27 (A/W 19) & Issue No. 28 (S/S 20). No automatic renewal.

What are the shipping costs?
interntional shipping will show up once checked out. A fixed rate for shipping and handling will be due for each product.

Do we ship worldwide?
yes, of course!

How long will the delivery take?
delivery times according to destination: we ship orders everyday from our distribution centre based in Germany. Our shipping within the European Union usually takes us between 2-7 business days, to North America approx. 7-15 business days and around the same time for the rest of the world. We do not take responsibility for delays.

If the Post Office alerts us that your magazine is undeliverable, we have no further obligation unless we receive a corrected address within two weeks. Each undelivered magazine will have to be purchased again.

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I understand that I will receive uninterrupted service and delivery of LE MILE magazine and that my subscription will NOT be automatically renewed. I won't be bothered with any renewal notices in the mail. This subscription included: Issue No. 27 (FW19) & Issue No. 28 /SS20).